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Binocular Vision Service
Dr. Catherine McDaniel

“If not diagnosed and treated, strabismus and amblyopia can lead to permanent vision loss.”

Dr. Catherine McDaniel
Chief, Binocular Vision

To schedule an appointment, please contact the clinic at 614-292-1113.

The Binocular Vision Service performs comprehensive evaluations for patients of all ages with eye coordination difficulties. Common conditions that are managed in this service include convergence insufficiency, strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), accommodative dysfunction (eye focusing problems) and visual perceptual lags.

Symptoms of binocular vision disorders include eye strain, headaches, double vision, reduced concentration, skipping lines while reading and poor eye-hand coordination. These symptoms can often be lessened or eliminated with an individualized treatment program that may include spectacle lens wear, vision therapy, and/or eye patching.

It is very common to have binocular vision disorders after acquired brain injury. The Binocular Vision Service also offers evaluation and treatment options for those rehabilitating from acquired brain injury.

All of our faculty have advanced training or have extensive experience in binocular vision. They will thoroughly explain and discuss the results and recommendations from the examination. Reports can be written to the patient’s school, doctors, or therapists explaining any ocular conditions and the impact they may have.

Our Doctors:

  • Catherine McDaniel, OD, MS, Chief

  • Michelle Buckland, OD, MS

  • Michael Earley, OD, PhD

  • Jennifer Mattson, OD

  • Ann Morrison, OD

  • Shane Mulvihill, OD

  • AJ Peiffer, OD

  • Maureen Plaumann, OD

  • Andrew Toole, OD, PhD