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Environmental Vision Service
Dr. Aaron Zimmerman

“We work with many service professions like pilots, firefighters and police that have specific vision testing requirements”

Dr. Aaron Zimmerman
Chief, Environmental Vision

The Environmental Vision Service provides specific vision testing for pilots and the FAA, secret service and US customs applicants, firefighters, police officers, border patrol officers and those needing to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL).

The Environmental Vision Service offers several color vision tests, many of which are typically not found in most optometry practices. These tests include:

  • Farnsworth D-15
  • Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT)
  • Nagel Anomaloscope
  • AO-HRR
  • Ishihara
  • 100 Hue

The Environmental Vision Service also provides vision examinations for patients who use bioptic telescopes or have other visual restrictions for driving.

For more information on this service, please contact the clinic at 614-292-1104.

Our Doctor:

  • Aaron Zimmerman, OD, MS, Chief