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Home-Bound & Nursing Home Care
Dr. Joan Nerderman

“We are able to meet the visual and eye health needs of those who would not otherwise receive eye and vision care.”

Dr. Joan Nerderman
Chief, Home-Bound & Nursing Home Care

The Home-Bound and Nursing Home Care Service provides comprehensive eye examinations and prescription eyewear for patients in central Ohio who are unable to travel and would not otherwise receive eye and vision health care that can improve their quality of life for their setting. We bring the office to the patient with our hand held instruments that allow us to examine patients in a bed or wheelchair. Since we are in the patient’s home, we can cater to his or her daily visual needs. With portable ophthalmic instruments, we are able to assess the eye health as well as derive a prescription for glasses. This comprehensive examination allows other visiting physicians to know the patient’s visual health status. Many systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can manifest themselves in a patient’s eyes. The comprehensive eye examination is a vital part of the patient’s overall health care. If eye disease is detected, we will treat the patient in his or her home as long as possible with referrals to ophthalmologists and other specialists as necessary for more advanced care to preserve the patient’s vision.

For more information regarding this service, please call 614-292-2020.

Our Doctor:

  • Joan Nerderman, RN, OD, Chief