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Trivex® Lens Material

OSU Optometry is proud to offer Trivex lenses. Trivex polymer offers optical clarity, lightweight comfort, strength and protection...the critical performance characteristics required of an optical lens. Trivex lenses are only offered by leading optometry professionals.

As the foundation of all eyewear, the lens material determines how well a lens will perform in real life situations. Trivex material is a unique, scientifically advanced category of lens material developed to provide the best balance of performance properties:

Crisp, Clear Vision

  • For reading, computer work, driving and any time visual acuity is important, Trivex material provides the optical quality that optimizes corrective prescriptions and helps reduce eye strain.

Lightweight Comfort

  • Lenses made with Trivex material are ultra-light for ultimate comfort. Trivex material is one of the lightest lens materials on the planet (8% lighter than polycarbonate, 16% lighter than CR 39, 19% lighter than high index). This translates into greater wearing comfort and fewer complaints of heavy eyewear sliding off your nose. Unlike other lens materials, Trivex material blends the benefits of lightness and thinness, often resembling the thinness of a high index lens, but weighs even less than polycarbonate.

Strength and Protection

  • For the demands of everyday living, eyeglass lenses need to provide protection from unexpected impact, breakage and from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Unexpected physical contact can happen at any moment. Trivex material provides high impact resistance when it’s needed most.* The durability of Trivex material, plus its stress-free characteristics, makes it an excellent choice for rimless frames and any lightweight fashion frames that rely on lenses for structural rigidity. Trivex material also blocked 100% of harmful UV rays to protect your eyes from the sun.

Who should wear lenses made with Trivex material?

Lenses made with Trivex material are a great choice for anyone who leads an active life and expects clear, crisp vision correction, lightweight comfort and protection from their eyewear.

*impact resistant lenses are neither shatter proof nor unbreakable. If you are in need of Safety Eyewear, please speak with one of our optical professionals about Safety Eyewear options.