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The Contact Lens Service provides primary eye care for contact lens wearers as well as specialty contact lens fitting for your specific visual needs and lifestyle. We offer the newest innovations in contact lens materials, designs and lens care systems to optimize vision correction, enhance comfort, and maximize eye health.

We can fit contact lenses for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Our optometrists receive comprehensive training on cutting edge contact lenses that will best serve your visual needs. So whether you want a change from wearing your glasses on a part time basis or you need some help with your near vision, we have contact lens options that can work for you.

We also treat ocular conditions that require the use of medically necessary contact lenses to achieve visual function. These conditions include keratoconus, eyes needing post surgical correction, and other diseases that cause corneal irregularity.

Some of the contact lens options we offer are:

  • Daily disposable lenses
  • Astigmatism correction lenses
  • Bifocal and multifocal lenses
  • CRT – corneal refractive therapy
  • Scleral lenses
  • Hybrid lenses
  • Gas Permeable lenses
  • Ocular Prosthetics

We recommend annual comprehensive eye evaluations for all patients who wear contact lenses.

You can request an appointment online with our request an appointment page or please contact us by phone at 614-292-2020.

Steps Contact lens wearers should follow to optimize ocular health:

  • Schedule regular annual eye examinations.
  • See your eye care professional immediately if you experience symptoms of eye infection such as redness, pain, excessive tearing, increased light sensitivity, blurry vision, and/or sensation of something in the eye.
  • Remove contact lenses before any activity involving contact with water, including showering, using a hot tub, or swimming.
  • Wash hands with soap and water, and dry them before handling contact lenses.
  • Clean contact lenses according to the manufacturer guidelines and instructions from your eye care professional.
    • Use fresh cleaning or disinfecting solution each time lenses are cleaned and stored. Never reuse or top off old solutions.
    • Never use saline solution or rewetting drops to disinfect lenses.
  • Wear and replace contact lenses according to the schedule prescribed by your eye care professional.
  • Store lenses in their proper storage case.
    • Storage cases should be irrigated with sterile contact lens solution and left open to dry.
    • Replace storage cases at least once every three months.

For more information on "Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care," please visit the CDC contact lens webpage at http://www.cdc.gov/contactlenses/

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